Now it’s time for something that will sound like heresy for a marketing agency to admit:

There is no magic in bringing a great brand to life.

Considering that our 35-years-young company is in the business of bringing brands to life, you might reasonably reckon this is not something we’d want to broadcast.

But a great brand is, mostly, the dividend earned over time by providing world-class products/services/experiences that reinforce and reflect a company’s culture, sensibilities, and values.

Air Jordans, a Frappuccino, an iPhone, The Magic Kingdom, and a Mustang GT are all so much parts of our consciousness that we instantly know the iconic brands behind them.

What a marketing agency can do is help connect a great brand with customers. (A wonderful luxury we enjoy here at Campbell is that our client roster reads like a who’s who of great global brands. Companies like Ford, Hella, Magna, Mahindra, Prevost, and Volvo.)

Finding effective and efficient ways to rise above all the 24/7/365 “noise”, while remaining true to a brand’s essence, can be a challenge. That’s how we earn our keep at Campbell. For us, cutting through the clutter is about communicating a brand’s essence in ways that resonate with customers and add genuine value to their lives. That can mean:

  • Social media campaigns that inform and inspire in dynamic, engaging, genuine, and immediate ways.
  • Experiential events that let consumers discover the ingenuity and nuance of a product in ways that only hands-on interaction can.
  • Websites that make exploring a brand not just easy but rewarding, regardless of the device or operating system.
  • Training that transforms salespeople from order-takers to brand ambassadors.
  • Corporate citizenship programs that express a commitment to make the world a better place, in ways seamlessly consistent with a brand’s core values.

Our mission – to “Connect Clients with Customers” – is not some dusty motto we tack up on the wall and forget. It is what we do every day, by finding new and innovative ways to illuminate what makes great brands great, and by conveying the depth of pride and passion behind those brands.

It’s not magic. It’s marketing.