Campbell has been in business for 36 years, and I’ve been here for the better part of 24. And one thing I have learned, is that people… all people… have and make choices.

In our case, our employees choose to work here. Our clients choose to work with us. Our leadership chooses what course to set for the future of the company. All of these choices are meant to lead to a desired outcome. They define who we are and what we stand for. And these days I would argue that who we are is as important as what we know.

So, in that light, here are some things I am thinking about… today.

* Does professional courtesy mean anything to anyone anymore? Where does “answering unsolicited sales emails from people 2000 miles away” fall?

* I know what leadership means to me. Am I absolutely certain what leadership means to the rest of the team?

* Do our clients view us as part of their team, or as just an awesome tool that they have at their disposal when they need us?

* How do we make sure that we never act as though we take our clients for granted?

* Are the things that we think are our agency strengths the same things that our clients think are our agency strengths?

* Do we relate well to our clients? Do we know what keeps them up at night? Do we know what elates them?

* Can we disagree with our clients without putting the relationship at risk? If not, what then…?

* Do we celebrate our successes enough?

* How do we evaluate creativity and innovation internally?

* Are we easy to work with?

* As we grow, how do we transfer all this knowledge and know-how to our newer co-workers?

* Are we having enough fun?

​So, these are some questions for today. I’ll surely have more tomorrow, and more still the next day. And as we ponder those, maybe the most important question of all is this one:

Are we willing to seek, and act on, the answers?

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