Rod Campbell (company founder)

“When we stumbled on an opportunity to create a PR company in the Ford world in 1982, we had no idea that there would be a vital, dynamic organization still flourishing in 2017.

“It is very exciting to know that the company is now a benchmark for social and modern communications.

“A toast to a very bright future for your brilliant achievements.”

Jim Hebler

I remember the tremendous camaraderie amongst the staff at Campbell Marketing and Communications. I was in the Counterfeit Parts Campaign, Auto Show Group, Motorcraft and FCSD, and a back-up for the prime-rib Motorsports Team, but I remember the people all being funny, helpful, creative, and a united team.

I recall a very professional and proud culture that was tight about doing the right thing, getting things done, hitting deadlines – and learning the Ins and Outs of Automotive PR and Marketing – a very solid professional stop where I learned a lot – and have carried the solid experience gained onward to every place I have worked since.

Melissa Porter

I can remember when Barb Dean first offered me my internship, I was floored to make $10/hr because I thought it was unpaid! That started the beginning of many pleasant surprises at Campbell Marketing and Communications.

Bill Jamieson helped me to write my first-ever professional email. He proofread it for me and explained the useful “re” abbreviation.Being called ‘Melintern’ was pretty awesome. I’m not sure who started it, maybe Monte Doran or Lincoln Hill. Then there was the happy hours Andrea Miller would coordinate to get people from different client groups together. She was such a strong champion of culture and I try to channel her in my current work.

Jim Moore

Campbell Marketing and Communications was my first job after graduating university. I came in as an intern earning a modest salary but at the time I felt like a big shot. Collars were popped, shirts were pink and pant legs were pegged. Life was good!

First day on the job started with the obligatory tour of the building. Department by department, intros were made and handshakes were exchanged. Then came the time to meet the man himself, the guy with his name on the building. As we made our way to the darkest corner of the Art Department, a silver haired fellow with a clean beard and a slight build set down his loupe on the light table and sauntered over with the confidence only man in charge could pull off. The man extended his hand and introduced himself as Rod Campbell, owner of the company.

So many great memories. So many great people.

Andrea Miller

I’ll never forget meeting Kelly ‘Lodes’ Lodish at my interview and immediately feeling like we were old friends! I remember interning with no computer and a shared office. There were amazing events and experiences like driving Volvo executives across the country, the SVT Experience, Ford Business Leadership conferences, and Detroit Wine Organization events. I remember moving over to the quality and process group, sitting in meetings with executives and actually having VPs listen to my ideas! I had such a true feeling of loyalty – one that I’ve not been able to match since.

All the best to the founders, leaders and original visionaries as well as my fellow alumni and the staff there today who keep the wheels turning!

Joanne Schultz Bartley

I have so many fantastic memories it’s hard to choose but the two stories that I tell frequently are:

My first big girl job alone as an account executive was to find a place of business to put up the 150 ft tall Michelin Man hot air balloon on opening day of the Grand Prix – somewhere near 16 Mile and I-75. I did it. I found a place that agreed to host. The next obstacle was to get Troy City Council approval. I did my presentation and got it approved. So there it was, 8 am Friday morning, the Michelin Man is flying high right by Oakland Mall! Then here comes the little city vehicle telling me that I could not do that. I pulled out my signed permit and I said “Yes I can!” and the man said “Well, you’ll never do it again!”

In California for the first time. It was the Monterey Historic races. My job was to be the Michelin Man’s (mascot costume) handler. My supervisor’s husband happened to be the person inside the costume when it was my turn to be the handler. Then two drunk women came along and stole him! They put him right in their golf cart and took him away! It was not funny at the time, but looking back on the experience, it was quite hilarious.

I Learned so much from Terri Voytowich and Cheryl Kohs and Colleen Carlini and Julie Malkin and Linda Cronin! Fun times!