Since the announcement of our 35th anniversary, Campbell Marketing and Communications alumni have been sending us their favorite memories from their tenure.

Rod Campbell, company founder

The company known as Campbell Marketing & Communications is perfectly named in our “new” world. I am so proud of the current leadership, some of whom I guessed would be as good as they are!

I have missed the action, the personal contact, and the chance to influence the automotive world, but have been thrilled by the growth and expertise of the team that is showing the way now.

I am especially gratified that my name is still associated with this strong and creative team heading to its 50th birthday, and maybe even a 100th.”

Jennifer Riley

It’s hard to pick just one memory to share from my years with Campbell Marketing and Communications. I grew up at Campbell starting as an intern in 1993 and leaving as an Account Director in 2008.

To go back to the beginning, I remember my very first internship with Campbell in 1993 after just my freshman year in college, and became the very first Ford Racing intern! I think one of my biggest contributions to Campbell and the Ford program overall was the creation of Race Fans for a Cure. It was awesome to be able to see an idea come to life and be supported by both Campbell and Ford Credit in the way it was! We raised over $1 Million during the course of the program to fight breast cancer and I met so many amazing people through it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to Campbell’s legacy and make so many wonderful memories in the process.

Angela Coletti Brown

I fondly remember my experience at Campbell & Company when I started there in 1996, fresh out of college. There are so many wonderful memories I have as part of the Motorsports Group. One of them was from the numerous Ford Fan Appreciation Days that I worked. I’ll never forget the time I concluded Rusty Wallace’s autograph session. After I guided him off stage and returned to the crowd, a woman asked if she could have the white Styrofoam cup left on stage (Rusty’s coffee cup). I reluctantly handed it to her and she beamed ear-to-ear, saying (in her dear southern accent), “This is going on my mantle!” That was my first lesson in celebrity marketing.

Congratulations to Campbell for 35 successful years! I’m grateful for the experience I had there and the great people who taught me to how to work hard and play hard. Best wishes for a fun and prosperous future!

Laurie Bean

I have great memories of my time at Campbell Marketing and Communications, because it helped shape the person I am today, both professionally and personally. While I was shy and introverted when I joined Campbell, I also happened to have a passion about cars and especially motorsports. Fostered by many visits to Michigan Speedway as a child, it was somewhat of a dream come true to be getting paid to travel from coast to coast implementing racing programs for Ford Motor Company. I soon figured out how to get race car drivers from point A to B on golf carts while dodging over exuberant fans begging for autographs. Most important, though, was how I learned that hard work, commitment and a passion to do the right thing would serve me well in my post-Campbell career.

Campbell Marketing really was the ideal place to spend my early career. Rod Campbell had a vision and a way of bringing out the best in his teams, while still creating a sense of family. As I look back at my time at Campbell, I appreciate one thing above all others. The friendships forged, through fun and adversity, but that continue nearly 20 years later.

Congratulations, Campbell Marketing and Communications, on 35 years!