DEARBORN, Mich., March 31, 2020 –

Rod Campbell, who founded the Michigan-based marketing and communications agency that still bears his name, has passed away at age 88.

Mr. Campbell passed away after a short illness in his Santa Monica, California home March 30.

Originally known as Campbell & Co., Mr. Campbell started the company with a handful of people on November 30, 1982. The company’s original contract was to handle public relations and promotions around Ford Motor Company’s racing efforts, a relationship that continues 38 years later.

He sold his interest in the business in 1999, but never lost his passion for the company or its people, recently saying his days with Campbell & Co. “were the best part of my working life.”

Campbell Marketing & Communications remains a strong entity in Dearborn, with more than 100 employees servicing a variety of clients in the areas of public relations, social media, event marketing, cause marketing, corporate sponsorships, research, and digital and creative services.

“Rod Campbell was a marvel of eternal optimism, boundless energy, and joy,” said David Scheinberg, one of five managing partners for the company today, and its current president and chief executive officer.

“Those of us fortunate enough to have known and worked with him are forever better for the experience. He left a positive mark on so many people across — and beyond — the automotive world.”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity he gave me almost 36 years ago,” said executive vice president Kevin Kennedy, one of the managing partners, and the longest tenured employee at Campbell. “He taught me so much about the business, including a philosophy of always trying to go above and beyond for our clients and the people we work with. His legacy is not just within Campbell today, but with the hundreds of Campbell employees who cherished their time at the company and have gone on to do great things in the business world. Our thoughts go out to his wife Sandra, his two daughters, and his extended family.”