As winter slowly loses its grip here in Michigan and we enter spring, another “season” is upon us.

Now is the time when college students are putting together their resumes and furiously sending out applications for internships. So, what happens when you finally land that internship? These are a few of the things that you should do to get the most out of an internship, based on what I have learned in my five months in the role here at Campbell Marketing & Communications.

Embrace the pressure: Being a college student, you get accustomed to pressure. Unlike college where you are responsible for your own work, being part of a business connects you to everyone in the company for better or worse. Once you are assigned specific projects to work on, you quickly realize that your coworkers are counting on you. Don’t let this scare you. Let it motivate you to do the best work possible.

Do not be afraid to pitch your ideas: Attending a meeting with professionals that have years of experience can be intimidating. You might assume you have nothing to offer, or that your opinion is not needed, but that’s simply not true. Being the new intern, you may have a fresh perspective on things. Pitching a new idea could lead to management taking a chance on it. At the end of the day, the worst thing that could happen is getting a “no.”

Get used to criticism: You must remember internships are a learning experience. Your coworkers and your bosses are going to provide you with plenty of feedback or a list of things to fix. If you cannot get used to receiving constructive criticism, the professional world is probably not for you. The only way to get better at your job is to get feedback on your mistakes and correct them.

Take any opportunity you have to get involved with other projects: There are many benefits to this. You can enhance your skills, it shows a willingness to take on new tasks, you can meet new people, and it gives you an opportunity to show how valuable you could be to the company.

Starting an internship can be an intimidating experience and may take a couple weeks to get used to. But once you get into a groove, if you remember these pieces of advice, you will get the most out of your internship experience.