The Major League Baseball All-Star game was last night, and it sure was an exciting matchup between the American League and National League. We decided that Major League Baseball isn’t the only organization with some mid-season All-Stars…we have some too!

So here is our inaugural mid-year Campbell Marketing & Communications All-Star Team. They are always ready to go to bat for our clients and pitch our ideas. It’s a deep lineup of heavy hitters, great gloves, and pitching aces, and their performances have shined in 2018.

Susan Venturi, “Lead-off Hitter”– In terms of client satisfaction, our Quality Operating System gets it started. Susan led the organization’s transition into ISO 9001:2015.

Josh Grancell, “Clean-up Hitter” – Further automating our Development Operations (DevOps) capability, resulting in major cost savings, improved resilience, performance, and security… HOME RUN!

Karen Lopez and Taylor Mulka, “Shortstop and Second Baseperson” – Our keystone combo, designing and executing Ford’s technician outreach partnership with the NHRA and its Youth & Education Services program.

Michelle Lucas, “Third Baseperson” – Michelle’s design skills are awesome. You can’t get anything past her, helping ensure that Campbell’s creative is never “out in leftfield.”

Jae Margetson, “Centerfielder” – Jae covers a ton of ground, leading Campbell’s work on a new college mentoring program for the Ford Motor Company Fund.

Mike Galinac, “Starting Pitcher” – Never misses a start, and his arm never gets tired. Coordinated a Partner X-Plan update for Ford Performance that involved dozens of partners across all of Ford’s racing series, and has become one of the company’s display activation experts.

Jeff Moore, “Set-up man” – Throws a mean change-up and excels when the pressure is on. Jeff continues to keep the Ford Select Dealer clients in the game!

Melanie Knoll,“The Closer” – She throws it down the middle and dares you to hit it. The Paul W Smith Golf Tournament wins when she’s in charge at the end.

Steve Wagner, “Utility Infielder” – Wears many baseball caps and plays every social platform… er… position… like he owns it.

James Molloy, “Pinch Hitter” – A versatile masher who has shown some real pop during the leadership transition in our digital competency. He’s put a bunch of long balls into the air, and none of them have dropped.

Austin Luokkala, “Platoon Outfielder” – The only “rookie” on the list, Austin has been invaluable assisting with content development and several key social media projects.

Beverly Thacker, “Third Base Coach” – With her guidance, the GDIA and Ford Technology Center events always score.

George Day, “Bench Coach” – The manager’s best friend, George keeps them all out of trouble. His assistance with the implementation of the Ford Fund “Smart Benches” is only his most recent excellent consultation.

Regis Enright and Marnie Scheinberg, “Head Trainer and Assistant Trainer” – The most sophisticated Volvo training schedule in recent memory is under control thanks to Regis and Marnie.

Brendan Capria, “Strength Coach” – Brendan is pumping iron into our PR and social programs with his mad creative skills.

Michelle Davenport (HR) “Scouting Director” – She signs all the new prospects. In a challenging employment environment, Michelle has facilitated a bushel full of new hires in a short period of time, ensuring that Campbell has the best talent on the field.